We're professional pet feeders who love your pets "almost" as much as you do. We give your pets fresh food and water at every pet feeding visit to your house and we make a point of spending quality time with your poor, l

We take care of your pool while you are away. We add chlorine, remove leaves and ensure that your pool is sparkling clean when you return. We operate in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. Visit us at

A faulty electric fence can be a serious security risk, not to mention a real headache when numerous false alarms occur whilst one is on vacation.   SA Petcare will test and check your alarm and electric fence systems while you are away. 

We offer to mow our client's lawns from a security point of view and/or upon special request. This means that we offer to maintain unkept lawns if and when necessary to give the impression that the house is occupied even though the client is awa

We offer to water our client's pot plants in and around the house as part of our pet feeding services. Small gardens can also be watered as part of our service. Larger gardens require more time for watering and as an added service for which we&
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