• In terms of the contract the client is solely responsible for providing sufficient 

          food, cleaning supplies, light bulbs and chemicals for the duration of the service.

  • Should any additional stocks need to be purchased, they will be bought at 

          retail plus R 50.00 (service fee) and all accounts are to be settled immediately 

          on your return.

  • Should you need to prolong your visit, we will simply amend your contract and 

          request that you settle all outstanding balances on your return. 

  • We are not liable for any illness or accident that your pets may incur

          during the service or for any associated Veterinary bills, provided that 

           the above is not due to our negligence. 

  • Should your pet/s become ill during the service, we will transport them to

          your vet free of charge, providing your vet is available. Alternatively we will 

          transport your pet/s to the next closest available vet. 

  • We are not liable for your pets should they escape or jump over walls and get

          run over, or for any damage which they may cause in your absence, provided 

          the above is not due to our negligence. 

  • We take no responsibility for the normal electrical failures or wear and tear 

         during our service e.g. radio's, TV's, light bulbs etc. 

  • We take no responsibility for any damage or theft which may be incurred during 

          the service, provided the above is not due to our negligence. 

  • We ask that, should you give any other people keys to your property or 

          instructions regarding your property, that you inform us of this action and 

         these instructions, and we ask that the relevant parties check with us before

         conducting any service on your property relating to our service. 

         PLEASE NOTE: 

         Should the above not be complied with, SA Petcare will not take responsibility  

          for any problems which may occur, that are in any way associated with the 

          service which includes pets and property.

        NB - All payments are to be made in advance. No refunds will be given.

         Should your need for the service or your trip be cancelled or postponed, we  

         will provide the full service value to you at a future point in time not to exceed

         1 year from the date of purchase.

         If you agree with the terms and conditions as set out above then please click on 

         this link in order to register for free   >>>>             SA Petcare registration

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